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Narva‑Jõesuu Local History Museum

“Narva‑Jõesuu is the place for anyone looking for a rejuvenating, healthy and leisurely vacation. Our most well‑known, and beautiful fresh air resort. There are over 600 furnished rental summer cottages, private, amidst gardens and pine forests. Spas, an exceptional beach, a resort entertainment hall, the Defense Forces orchestra, activities, etc.”

This, from an article written in the daily newspaper on June, 5 1932, sounds as if it were written today. Although there is no longer an orchestra, hall or as many cottages, the Narva-Jõesuu Heritage Museum guides offer an overview of the earlier guests and villas.

The museum is housed in an old, decaying summer house, once used by the family of Estonia’s famous author, A. H. Tammsaare. The museum opened its doors in 1992 and has remained relatively unchanged for the past 25 years, nostalgic for many Russian visitors. The museum is slowly being renewed and looking forward to visitors in the summer of 2020.


Online exhibition: «Narva-Jõesuu yesterday and today»

Photo material from the photo collection of the Narva Museum has been used in the creation of the exhibition. References: Narva‑Jõesuu bathing Germans in the heart. (SA Narva Museum, 2016) The texts were prepared by: Darina Dmitrijeva and Kristina Muravjova. Images (contemporary): Kristina Muravjova, Yaroslav Muravjov, Anna Markova, Nikita Podkopayev, Olga Mirina, Yekaterina Muravjova


Tour in Narva‑Jõesuu

Bus tour around the region: attractions, historical sites and places of natural beauty


Nature near us

Children will learn what a nature and landscape reserve is and how to behave in nature. Various trees and their characteristics are studied, and their knowledge is put to the test by completing worksheets.

Age: Preschool and elementary school.

Price: €2/person, but not less than €25/group.

Narva‑Jõesuu ornaments

Narva‑Jõesuu resort was known for its carved wooden houses.
The builders designed the cottages and villas of the resort in different styles: Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, Scottish baronial style, Moorish style, Karelian – Russian and Byzantine Russian national wooden architecture.
In the museum class, we study the best examples of wooden architecture in Narva‑Jõesuu, look at various ornaments, and create them ourselves.

Age: Preschool and elementary school.

Price: €2/person.

Tea at the resort

During the museum program, we will find out who and how rested in the Narva-Jõesuu resort 100 years ago and about one of the resort’s main traditions – drinking tea on the veranda.
We will learn about the beneficial properties of tea, when and how often tea was drunk.
The program ends with drinking tea together from a samovar.

Age: Preschool and elementary school.

Price: €2/person.


We get to know things that were indispensable 100 years ago.
Let’s make a fabric doll for ourselves.

Age: Preschool and elementary school.

Price: €2/person.

Experience programs

Colonel's widow

  • The colonel’s widow – in a rather polite form, lively and voluminous like a golden autumn – is the heroine of J.Smuil’s play, who speaks because thinking is tiring, so said the beautician. The beautician is the only person he thinks is smarter than him.
  • In general, a widow loves working people, as long as they are not too close. He expects 4 to 10 people for a 2‑course lunch. The widow gives a 1‑hour monologue at lunch at Narva‑Jõesuu Museum of Folklore, Nurme 38, and talks about the resort and sanatoriums here throughout the ages and that the only bad thing in this world are people and doctors.
  • Military music is played, expressing motherly love, domestic affection and Lese’s youthful memories. Oh yes – it all costs 25 euros per person.
  • Already the colonel, the widow’s husband said: “Life is a war of nerves.” After a visit to Lese, you can relax in the local spas.


The photos come from the book “Puitpitsvilla” (Liisi Siibak, Aili Paat)

Map of interesting places

The virtual map of Narva-Jõesuu has been made with the support of the Estonian Library Association (ERÜ) and the Ministry of Culture as part of the project “Creating a virtual map”.


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